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My Paris Dream.

☆ Caroline Coco Frambolat, 13 y.o girl who lives somewhere in the world (OK, she lives in Czech Republic). She loves to sing, play the piano, being out with friends, spending time with her family, she loves to eat, drink & listen to the music. Music is her passion - if she had to give up one sence, it wouldn't be hearing. Music is perfect escape from reality - i can be everything i wanna be. I like fashion, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and dark chocolate. Enjoy your visit <3 sweet hearts are viewing my blog • Home • Ask Archive Follow me on Twitter

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thanks for the follow :) i followed back, i love your blog x

thank you ;) your’s awesome too.

× huh . i&#8217;ve seen this book like a year before&#160;? well , never mind. I&#8217;m going to buy it soon.

huh . i’ve seen this book like a year before ? well , never mind. I’m going to buy it soon.

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"If this pain is love, i don’t want to be in love anymore."

Coco Frambolat

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